Weed Delivery In Virginia

Weed Delivery In Virginia

The Virginia General Assembly decriminalized the use of marijuana in Virginia in 2020. Down to the lowest level possible, the law is in effect as Virginia advances towards full legalization. Since the marijuana laws in Virginia now permit the transfer of cannabis between adults, various brands, just like The D.C Apple Dream Shop, have risen to serve the cannabis community. Currently, there are only four medical marijuana dispensaries in Virginia though predictions state that in 2022-2023, licensed recreational dispensaries will rise.

So, great news, weed is now legal in Virginia, but how can you access it? Well, you will have to get a medical card. To do this, you must get registered as a medical patient first. If you want to boycott the process of getting a medical card and would rather shop for recreational Virginia weed, we got you covered.

We understand that even with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Virginia, the path getting in from stores is still a long way. Allow us to show you how.

Can I get weed in Virginia without a Medical Card?

You can have Virginia weed delivered for recreational use without using a medical card. It’s simple, use the gifting concept. This concept is more popular in D.C., but it works just fine. The marijuana laws in Virginia permit 21+ individuals to transfer and possess weed. So, these gifting brands simply sell unrelated goods to you, mostly branded t-shirts, and offer you free marijuana in appreciation for your patronage. The best part is that these services are not for Virginia residents alone. You can also purchase buds like lemon cherry gelato and apple banana marijuana strain from any of the four operational medical marijuana dispensaries.

Virginia Online Weed Delivery

As long as you have a medical card, distance won’t be a problem. Then, you can go weed shopping online. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps, and your weed will get to you.


Shopping is the first step. You need to open the website of the store you want to search for. You can then search the website for whatever product you purchase, such as lemon cherry gelato strain. Scroll through all the products available, whether prerolls or flowers, waxes or vapes, CBD or THC. Feel free to indulge!

Place your order

When you finish scouting, add the products you desire to your cart. Fill in all necessary details like the address you want the product to be delivered to and send your order in. While opting for a D.C to Virginia weed delivery is okay, remember that the closer the store is to you, the faster the delivery.

Be on the lookout

After placing your order, the store should send you an email or text to keep you updated. First, you must keep your eyes open and let your ID and payment ready.

Medical cannabis card holders do not have to purchase their prescribed cannabis products from medical dispensaries only. Feel free to opt for the convenience and comfort of the Virginia marijuana delivery service. Whether you need weed delivery to Northern Virginia or weed delivery to Arlington Virginia, you can freely access the medical marijuana delivery service. All you need is a valid Virginia marijuana card. The possession of adult-use marijuana is legal, but there might not be anywhere to purchase marijuana legally in Virginia until 2024.

Do We Take Deliveries from D.C To Virginia?

No, the DC Apple Dream Shop does not deliver to Virginia. We only make deliveries within the borders of D.C. Whether you are home, in a park, or at a resort, we can deliver your order in record time. All you need to do is pick your device, place your order and hang on tight. Leave us to arrange the rest. Our top two weed strains for delivery to you are the Apple Banana marijuana strain and Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain. You can get both gifted flowers for as low as $30. You will be thrilled with the quality of marijuana you’ll find at The Apple Dream Shop. No one expects flowers to be this good early into legalization, but these two flowers will blow your mind. You can also visit our page to check our wide variety of cannabis products available for delivery in DC.