Sativa vs. Indica

Sativa vs. Indica

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you might have noticed a trend after many online searches; Cannabis is often categorized as Indica or Sativa, and other times ‘hybrid.’ This trend might have piqued your curiosity about what these terms implied. However, if you never bothered to find out, let’s educate you. This article explicitly explains the meaning and difference between the terms ‘indica’ and ‘sativa.’

Why not settle down with a vape cart in hand and let this sink in like your favorite vapor?


Many of us use Cannabis frequently but seem more in touch with its effects than its definition. Well, simply put, Cannabis is a tall but very useful plant. This special herb is from a unique flowering species. The cannabis species have three subspecies: Sativa, indica, and ruderalis. However, ruderalis is not our main focus in this article.

What Do Indica and Sativa Mean?

Indica is a subspecies of Cannabis sativa indica. It describes cannabis plants that have short stems and broad leaves. On the other hand, Sativa has a long stem and narrow leaves. Some studies suggest otherwise, however, in comparison with indica plants, the THC concentrations in Sativa plants tend to outweigh the CBD concentrations.

Their definitions might seem easy, but the real determinant of whether a plant is indica or sativa is broader than their definition. Other factors can act as determinants to draw the dividing line.

Sativa or Indica: How to Spot the Difference

Over a thousand strains of Cannabis have been bred over the years, yet, not many users know and understand the different strains. While some strains might be well suited for certain conditions, others are not. To help you make the right choices, we’ll shed more light.


The most prevalent terpene in Cannabis, myrcene, is well known for promoting sleep and treating problems including anxiety and insomnia. A strain is categorized as an indica if present in a volume larger than 0.5 percent. The strain is classified as a Sativa if the myrcene content is less than 0.5 percent.


The most significant distinction is the impacts of these two cannabis strains and how they affect alertness and productivity. Sativas are typically thought to be more stimulating and energizing, whereas indicas are more soothing and peaceful.


Sativa and indica plants have different physiological effects, as well as a visual differences. Indica plants are short and stocky, with broad, “chunky,” as earlier described by their definition, while Sativa plants typically have leaves that are thin and pointed. Sativa plants may even appear slim and taller.

Now that we have explained in details the difference between the Indica and Sativa strains, we’ll like to share some examples of each strain to help you understand better.

Examples Of Indica Strains

Pomelo Marijuana Strain

This is an indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Its average THC level is 18-19%. If you use the Pomelo, you can expect it to help with chronic pain, depression, mood swings, PTSD, and stress.

Purple Popscotti

This is another indica dominant flower. Its average THC level is 25%. Popscotti will head you feel relaxed. It will also ease stress, anxiety, and depression.

Examples of Sativa Strains

Tropicana Cookies Marijuana Strain

This bud is a Sativa dominant strain. It has an average THC content of 15-25%. Expect relief from stress, anxiety, and depression when you use Tropicana Cookies.

Lemon Cake Marijuana Strain

This Sativa dominant strain is often used to treat depression, fatigue, chronic pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and loss of appetite. Lemon Cake has an average THC of 15-25%.

Choosing the Right Product

You might need to keep a few things in mind while shopping for the right Cannabis. They include:

Your Needs

Thinking about personal needs will help you narrow your options. For example, if you need a cannabis strain that will ease your sleep, Gelato would be a great choice. The same goes for anxiety and depression. Find the right strain to meet your needs.

Your Tolerance Level

Some strains, such as Ice Cream Cake, are very potent, compared to others, whose side effects could be manageable and minor. Furthermore, strains with high THC content could be too potent for novice users.

Your Preferred Consumption Method

You may experience benefits more rapidly if you vape Cannabis. However, gummies, Skittles, and Twix are examples of edibles that are easier for most users, especially first time users, to tolerate. While the effects of edibles might not be as quick as vape carts, they are oftentimes stronger. So, depending on your preference, choose from edibles, flowers, waxes, e-cigarettes, and cartridges.

Your Location

Not all places have legalized Cannabis. Therefore, you should be familiar with the regulations in your state before attempting to buy or consume Cannabis. You can be in legal trouble if unaware of the local laws.

The Bottom Line

It could take a while to find the best choice for you. You can also discover that you have poor tolerance for Cannabis. You can shop from dispensary like Apple Dream Shop if you live in a state where marijuana is legal. We might be able to suggest particular strains made particularly for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in DC to get marijuana delivered?

The DC I71 gifting services are open to any adult over 21. You can order through a DC marijuana delivery service, whether local or a visitor.

How Does DC Cannabis Delivery Work?

In Washington, DC, there are many marijuana delivery businesses, and as a result, each platform functions slightly differently. Some are run the traditional way by dialing, but others may be ordered through an app, and you can follow drivers. The ordering procedure is typically the same regardless of your chosen DC cannabis delivery service.

Can DC marijuana be delivered to my hotel?

The National Mall and other federal properties are the only places where deliveries are prohibited, and Cannabis is illegal under federal law since federal legislation only applies to federal land. Both east and west of the Anacostia River are not served by many DC cannabis delivery businesses, which focus on the busiest downtown and tourist neighborhoods like Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, H St., and so on.