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If you have been looking for something fascinating, something new, unusual, attractive, and very enjoyable without being addictive or intoxicating, then Wild Hemp Hempettes is that one weed you cross the seven seas trying to find. So if you have been trying to avoid unnatural chemicals without losing your most cherished smoking experience,

this product would be perfect. Choosing this product will help you stand firm and shoo away the toxic tobacco cigarettes you’ve long wanted to say goodbye to. The Hempettes are Top Rated and loved by many. It is famous for its unique ability to have wild fun and an extraordinary experience without containing nasty chemicals like tobacco or Nicotine.

They are made from 100% hemp grown in the United States and completely free of tobacco. It is the first-ever cigarette-styled CBD pre-roll on the entire planet. Each roll is rich in cannabinoids and packed with enough terpenes to give a delicious and overwhelmingly aromatic flavor. This high amount of terpenes and cannabinoids also makes this hemp highly beneficial to its consumers in many other ways. You can trust each roll to give a safe but uplifting high.

Stuffed in each pack is the finest hemp, grown and bred in the fertile soil of America, and each temperate has a regulated THC content (less than 0.3%.) In each pack, expect to see 20 fresh Hempettes. Each temperate also contains 75mg+ of CBD and has quickly become a known alternative for smoking tobacco.


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