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White Runtz, a hybrid strain produced by crossing the traditional Zkittlez X Gelato strains, contains 50% indica and 50% Sativa. White Runtz is the ideal strain for any fan of hybrids because of its exceptionally exquisite flavor and long-lasting high. This flower has a flavor that is similar to what its name implies: it is sweet and sour fruit candy with a hint of citrus. The aroma is extremely similar, with fresh sweet fruits accentuating an earthy citrus undertone. As delightful as the flavor, the White Runtz high has calming, long-lasting effects that will have you kicking back and feeling completely at peace in no time.

It begins as a tingling sensation at the back of the neck and the spine and swiftly spreads to the rest of your body. White Runtz is frequently used to treat people who experience problems like chronic stress, muscle spasms or cramps, chronic tension or anxiety, and chronic pain because of these effects and its extremely high 23-24% average THC level. Spade-shaped, extremely thick, forest green nugs with dark undertones, long, thin reddish-orange hairs, and a layer of icy, tiny white crystal trichomes cover the White Runtz buds.


With a THC content of about 20% and a CBD content of less than 1%, White Runtz is a strong combination. One of White Runtz’s most popular effects is a deep, tingling body stone that is excellent for relaxing and easing physical discomfort symptoms. Additionally, White Runtz is known to cause a potent mental pleasure that is uplifted and mood-enhancing. Users of White Runtz generally mention the following effects as being the most frequent:

  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation/sedation
  • Happiness


White trichomes, which give White Runtz’s buds a snow-white appearance, are recognized for being particularly eye-catching

Flavor and Aroma

This strain’s flavor characteristic is sweet and engulfs your senses.

Health Benefits

The potent physical effects and exhilaration of White Runtz make it a favorite among medicinal marijuana users. Patients who experience persistent bodily pain might find her long-lasting body stone alluring. Patients who are experiencing stress, anxiety, or despair may profit from White Runtz’s euphoric and uplifting effects on mood. White Runtz might also be appealing to individuals who have trouble falling asleep because she might have sedative effects when taken in big amounts.


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