Tatiana cigar



Tatiana is the most well-liked flavored premium cigar in the US. They employ a hand-rolled premium blend of tobaccos that have been aged for two years and were grown in the Dominican Republic, making them some of the most well-known flavored cigars in the world.


The flavor of this excellent mild cigar is sweet rum with molasses and spice undertones. Indonesian wrapping, Dominican filler, and a Dominican binder. This premium blend of a smooth Dominican binder, Indonesian medium brown wrapper, and Cuban-seed filler tobacco is used to hand-roll these cigars.


These cigars employ a precision flavor infusion process to produce a mild-flavored, smooth smoking experience. Tatiana cigars are available in various flavors, such as cherry, chocolate, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, and mocha. You will receive the greatest flavored cigar on the market because of the exquisite sweetness and flavor balance. Tatiana cigars are adored by flavored cigar connoisseurs worldwide because they regularly have the ideal draw, flavor, and fragrance.

The Burn and Draw Experience

Unlike some flavor-infused cigars on the market that are machine-made or use poor tobacco, Tatiana cigars use only the highest-grade tobacco. The finest long filler and aged Dominican binder tobaccos are used to make each Tatiana cigar, which is then wrapped in a smooth Indonesian wrapper. This dish resembles many others thus far in appearance, but the sauce is the secret! As you see, Tatiana Cigars come in various delicious flavors that are sure to satiate the sweet tooth of just about anyone. They are infused with the finest essences and flavorings.


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