Stiiizy Liquid Live Resin




STIIIZY’s Live Resin retains the natural flavor characteristic of newly harvested, flash-frozen cannabis plants while delivering a full spectrum cannabis extract. This premium cannabis, which is only available seasonally and in limited batches, delivers a harmony between cannabinoids and terpenes for the maximum entourage effect.

The Hybrid Live Resin by STIIIZY extracts the real essence of the plant. The entire plant is cut and gathered, then flash-frozen to preserve the complete cannabinoid profile. This method achieves the highest level of potency, taste, and consistency.

It is a relaxing strain that will put you in a wonderful state of relaxation without making them drowsy. Sweet cherry and fruity aromas with flowery overtones dominate the taste character. The extra punch of GG4 has a soothing effect that helps to relieve tension.


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