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Runtz Gummies Ether THC Edibles



Runtz Gummies Ether is a medicated cannabis-infused gummy containing 500mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is a unique strain of cannabis originating from the cannabis family. This edible is a crossbreed between the Zkittkez and Gelato strain. This gummy has a distinctive fruity odor and colorful resin-drenched buds between purple and light green. This fruity essence makes its intake more appealing.

They contain gelatin, sugar, coconut oil, and hemp extract with natural and artificial flavors. The flavors make each intake feel much better, and each puff comes with the heady effect caused by the hemp extract. Each pack weighs 50mg. Consider this medicated cannabis-infused gummy if you want to enrich your buds with good flavors to have a nice time.


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