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Purple Runtz, sometimes referred to as “Purple Runts,” is a hybrid cannabis variety created by mating Zkittlez and Gelato #33. More soothing than energetic, this strain. Reviewers of this strain on Leafly claim that it gives them a tingling, euphoric, and stimulating feeling. With 14% THC, Purple Runtz is a great cannabis product for both novice and seasoned users.

This strain’s predominant terpene, limonene, is frequently connected to citrus flavors. Customers claim Leafly Purple Runtz has a flavor that is earthy with hints of grape and the tropics. Patients who use medical marijuana frequently purchase this variety to treat minor inflammation, stress, or pain. Unknown is the original breeder of Purple Runtz.


Purple Runtz Kush has the power to fill your heart with wonder and beauty. Since it is one of the most beautiful strains, it has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Round, vivid green nugs with undertones like those of amber stone make up the purple Runtz Kush bud. When examined attentively, those dense orange hairs may be seen clearly. Additionally, you can make out purple-tinted coatings on white crystal trichomes.

Flavor and Aroma

It is truly the nicest one you’ll have ever had in terms of flavor and scent. The plant has a citrus and sour undertone as well as a tropical flavor. The aromas of sweet grape candies and some tart citrus can hit your chemoreceptors forcefully when you separate the nugs. According to rumors, gelato is what gives off the sour and citrus fragrance. Zikttlez, in contrast, is blamed for having high THC levels. Purple Runtz Kush can induce a deep slumber like you’ve never had after only one puff.

Health Benefits

The majority of cannabis strains frequently come with unexpected medical benefits in addition to pleasure and heightened psychological effects. You have nothing to be concerned about with Purple Runtz Kush. Together with its traditional Runtz variety, the plant has achieved pop stardom. You may find that the strain helps you get rid of uncomfortable symptoms like pain and nausea.

One is said to be able to forget all their pain and anxiety with incredible euphoria while using its stronger puff. Your brain will be stimulated when you utilize the neighboring pot, resulting in a happy mental state. You might afterward feel aroused as well.

Additionally, it is thought that the plant can treat long-term ailments like severe anxiety, discomfort, sadness, and even cramping. According to specific reports, Purple Runtz Kush can help relieve inflammation. On the other hand, Purple Runtz Kush can help you get the rest and sleep you need if you suffer from insomnia.


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