Premium Live Wax



The Premium Live Wax concentrate is one of the best things to ever happen to anyone. It has a rich cannabinoid and terpene content, making it very beneficial in many ways. In addition, it boasts of being of high quality because the process of concentration helps retain most of the valuable contents of the plant.

The special feature of this wax that makes it stand tall among other cannabis concentrates is its high quality of terpenes because it uses special production processes to ensure an almost 100% retention rate.

How to Use Premium Live Wax

The Premium Live Wax can be consumed in different ways like many other concentrates of its caliber. Three major ways anyone can use it include:


This involves inhaling the wax gently in small quantities.

First, We must vaporize the concentrated marijuana wax to do this. This vaporization process is carried out by putting the wax on a very hot metallic object called a nail. The heat trampled will cause the wax to produce vapor. It is this vapor that is gently inhaled and absorbed by the body.


It is difficult to vape wax without having the needed dabbing tool. Most times, the vaping of cannabis wax is done using a vaporizer or vape pen. It is simple. Just make sure you load the device with the amount of wax you need using a dabbing tool. Put the pouch piece in place by screwing it on the heating chamber or battery. Tap the button on the battery to heat the concentrate. Once it is heated, you can inhale the vaporized concentrate. You can release the button on the pen when you have inhaled enough.

Twaxxing – this describes the simple process of gently rolling the wax concentrate and twisting it around the outer part of a joint or blunt.


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