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Polka Dot Magic Mushroom Belgian Chocolate

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Polka dot magic mushroom Belgian Chocolate is a full chocolate bar that contains about 4grams of magic mushroom. The chocolate has a full-fledged height with different flavors such as berries cream, cinnamon toast crunch, coconut, cookies cream, crunch, and acai. It’s useful in micro-dosing because the mushroom hides the fungi flavor, and you can eat one square at a time.

This chocolate has some health benefits. It is used to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, and stress. Its valuable health benefits are due to the fungi’s microdosing property (mushroom) in the chocolate bar. In addition, the Polka dot is a bar of crave-worthy chocolate to satisfy your craving and enrich your health.

1 review for Polka Dot Magic Mushroom Belgian Chocolate

  1. sdsd

    The best chocolate

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