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Pink Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid descended from Pink Kush and Wedding Cake. It is a rare treat for those who get to sample; it’s not easy to find. This strain is excellent for sleep and relaxation but very heavy and gassy. So enjoy it and take it easy. The unusual phenotype of wedding cake, sometimes referred to as Pink Cookies, was produced by Seed Junky Genetics through the mating of a mother Triangle Kush with Animal Mints pollen. Due to the scent of sparkling resin and vanilla cake frosting, the Jungle Boys from Los Angeles gave their song the moniker Wedding Cake. Among the many accolades it has received since its inception, Wedding Cake won first place for Best Hybrid Flower at the 2018 SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. It also contains 20-30% THC.


The most reported strain effects are:

  • Relaxed

  • Happy

  • Euphoric

  • Sleepy


These buds are available in hues of pink, yellow, and green. The buds have a thick layer of sticky resin covering them, which gives them a generally icy aspect. Deep, deep green leaves with bright yellow and pink pistils are the primary feature of Pink Kush.

Aromas and Flavors

The top reported strain aroma and flavors are:

  • Vanilla

  • Berry

  • Sweet

  • Earthy

Health Benefits

This strain has been reported to be helpful for people with:

  • Depression

  • Lack of appetite

  • Chronic stress

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic pain


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