Packarillos – CBD/Delta 8 Pre-Rolls




Packarillos Delta 8 blunt is the newest Delta 8 product by Packwood. There is so much packed in one little box. Each blunt in the pack is perfectly rolled in strain-specific flowers. It is one of the major reasons why these blunts are unique. The packaging design is beautiful, and the experience is sky-high, so why not. In each box, there is a three-mini blunt. Each blunt contains up to 0.75g of premium Delta 8 infused flowers. So, you won’t need all three to take a trip. But, that’s not all, and these blunts are also gently rolled into 100% Tobacco-free wraps to ensure that you have 100% Delta 8 and 0% tobacco. These wraps are mostly finished with a cross-cut glass filter. These details are put in place to make them look so beautiful. The whole box is lightweight. It weighs just 2.25 grams in total. So it is very portable and handy. You can always have it as your companion. This careful production and packaging ensure you get the best quality.


This special Delta 8 blunts come in five different unique flavors, namely:

  • Bubba Kush – this flavor has a sweet and intense aroma. Its grounding aroma will remind you of chocolate and coffee. In addition, this flavor has an earthy and nutty taste. However, it has a sweet side that will tie it all together and take your taste buds up on a whirlwind ride of pure delight.

  • Cherry Pie – this flavor is filled with earthy and juicy notes that will linger in the air for a while. It will also coat your palate in an intense and velvety vapor.

  • Biscotti Cookies – this flavor has undertones of diesel but has a dominant taste like sweet cookies.

  • Hawaiian Haze – it has a floral smell and a tropical taste.

  • Sour Space Candy – a sour, citrus flavor.


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