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Product Description

The One Up Magic Mushroom Gummies are yet another triumph for the One Up company. The first manufacturer of magic mushroom or psilocybin gummies. If you want to consume a nice treat rather than chew on strange-tasting mushrooms, then you need these gummies. There are 2.5 grams of your preferred strain with a beautiful kick in each bag or container. You can either microdose or embark on a beautiful full-blown experience with these delectable psychedelic delicacies. You’ll be pleasantly delighted in either case when you concentrate and experience joy or embark on a spectacular voyage.


Each gummy contains Delta 8 THC distillate and is coated in sugar to sate any sweet tooth cravings. Additionally, it makes a fantastic tear-and-share snack for any social event. Take 1-2 every six hours, as directed. They are intended for daily usage and are frequently utilized by various working professionals.

The effects should be minor, if present, given the modest amount of active components in each gummy.


One Up Magic Mushroom Gummies are available in five fantastic and mouthwatering tastes. Today, give them a try! Psilocybin is reported to aid in treating severe drug addiction and depression.

Comes in:

Blue Schnozberry

Shroom N ade


Magic Apple


Health Benefits

Psilocybin has been shown to boost mood, clarity, and brain plasticity when taken in small doses. In particular, cognitively aging people seniors could find it advantageous to try psilocybin.


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