Ninja Pocket Scale



Compact Precision for Your Weighing Needs. At our Apple Dream Shop, we offer the Ninja Pocket Scale, a compact and highly accurate scale that is perfect for weighing your herbs, spices, or other small items. This portable scale is designed with precision in mind, ensuring you can measure with confidence and accuracy.

The Ninja Pocket Scale is small and lightweight, making it portable to carry in your pocket or bag wherever you go. Its sleek and discreet design allows for convenient and discreet weighing, whether you’re at home or on the go. With its high-quality sensors and advanced technology, this pocket scale provides precise measurements with a maximum capacity of [insert maximum capacity here] grams. The scale features an LCD display that is very easy to read and shows weight measurements in various units, including carats, grams, ounces, and more.

Whether you’re a professional chef, a dedicated herbal enthusiast, or simply need a reliable scale for everyday use, the Ninja Pocket Scale is a reliable and accurate choice. Its compact size and precision make it a versatile tool for measuring small quantities with ease.

Visit our DC Weed Dispensary today and get your hands on the Ninja Pocket Scale to ensure accurate and precise weighing for all your needs.


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