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Three words that best describe this cartridge are natural, solventless, and pure.

A Michigan cannabis processor license has been granted to Muha Meds, a self-described street cannabis company known for illegally selling THC-rich vape cartridges. Muha Med’s Exotic Reserve Live Resin cartridges contain a full spectrum cannabis extract and are directly extracted from freshly harvested, flash-frozen cannabis plants. Their extraction crew is committed to producing top-quality THC oil made with terpenes derived from cannabis to provide a balanced scent and flavor for a reliable experience each time.

Our distinctive Indica-dominant strain is called Muha Og. Its earthy taste is authentic to an original kush, and its jet fuel smell is distinct even from a distance. Even though this strain is 80% hybrid, testing in the lab has shown that it produces energizing, uplifting, and happy emotions. The intensity, purity, and flavor of Muha Meds oil, a cannabis concentrate made entirely without solvents, are unrivaled. Each disposable live resin product is guaranteed to contain at least 82% THC. Full-gram cartridges in 14 different, fantastic-tasting flavors are also available from the firm.

These live resin carts are as close to a flower experience as you can in a vape. Every cartridge is available in 1,000MG and comes in 5 flavors.


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