Monopoly Carts




These amazing carts are not popular just for their original taste and unrivaled quality but also for their amazing packaging. The packaging of these carts is very colorful and eye-catching, and it features the one and only Uncle Pennybags, also known as the monocled Monopoly man. Some interesting cart packages also feature Betty Boop and the Pink Panther. All this is to keep you amused and in high spirits before the actual high kicks in. They are a must-pick in any store. Like any other vape cart in its category, the Monopoly cards available at our store use premium terpenes. But that’s not all, and these terpenes are further blended with cold-ethanol distillate to ensure you get the best. As you bring it out of the box, the scent it hits is nice but strong. These carts are truly the best. No added filler, no P/G, no V/G, and no diluents. Clean.

What’s more, with these cuties, you won’t need to buy batteries all the time. Instead, they deliver the best quality to you using CCell disposables to ensure every hit hits.

The total THC content of these carts is 86.67%. Each cart also contains 91.06% of cannabinoids.

These Monopoly Carts are like no other. They are made from cannabis plants that are 100% organically grown. These plants are sourced directly from trusted farms in a collective network. The fine quality oil in these carts is carefully extracted using subcritical liquid carbon dioxide. Afterward, the extracted oil is refined using heat and pressure.


These carts are far cheaper than tobacco smokes and could be done anywhere.

  • It allows you to socialize and keep your habits’ secrets if you want to.

  • It is a safer means of smoking.

  • It helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • It will make you happy, so why not?


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