Jeeter Juice Cartridges




Jeeter Juice Cartridges are the latest addition to Jeeter’s renowned lineup of cannabis products. Known for their infused pre-rolled joints, Jeeter now offers a high-quality distillate cartridge line that is making waves in the vaping community. Distributed by Dreamfields Farms at various dispensaries, these cartridges have gained popularity and can be found in many shops across DC.


  • Utilizes C-Cell M6T technology for a smooth and consistent vaping experience
  • Advanced design with enhanced airflow for satisfying draws
  • Efficient heat distribution for consistent and enjoyable sessions
  • Long-lasting oil provides an extended period of usage
  • Compatible with a range of battery devices
  • Sleek and compact design for on-the-go vaping
  • Quality craftsmanship and detailing in each cartridge

Jeeter Juice Cartridges combine the expertise of Jeeter with the innovative technology of C-Cell to bring you an exceptional vaping experience. Each cartridge is filled with high-quality distillate oil that captures the essence of Jeeter’s renowned strains. From classic favorites to exotic blends, Jeeter Juice Cartridges offer a diverse range of flavors and effects to suit every preference. With their sleek and compact design, Jeeter Juice Cartridges are perfect for on-the-go vaping. Simply attach the cartridge to your compatible battery device and enjoy smooth draws filled with flavorful clouds. Whether you’re a classic vaper or new to the world of cannabis concentrates, Jeeter Juice Cartridges provide a user-friendly and enjoyable vaping experience.

Visit DC Weed Dispensaries to explore our selection of Jeeter Juice Cartridges and elevate your vaping experience today. Embrace the quality, flavor, and convenience that Jeeter Juice Cartridges have to offer. Unleash the full potential of your vaping sessions with Jeeter’s signature touch.


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