Java Mint



Rich, traditional, medium-bodied handmade that burns silky-smooth and creamy all the way to the end, leaving a lovely sweetness with each puff. It has notes of mocha, coffee, vanilla, and mint. Java Mint is a fantastic pick if you’re seeking a sweet cigar to spice things up.


The cigar comes in a wooden box 24 with a wrapper that looks like chocolate with dark green bands. Java is shown on the main band, while Drew Estate is written above it in a smaller type. The word “Mint” is marked on the secondary band, which also functions as the foot band. The wrapper appears brindle-like, with thin veins, and is fairly toothy upon closer scrutiny. It has a perfectly pressed square with no tobacco spaces and a densely packed foot.


The cigar has an Andres Mint candy-like aroma. The cigar has a minty chilly draw, but it tastes more like chocolate chip mint ice cream. Once lighted, the cigar’s first note is identical to the cold pull.

The Burn and Draw Experience

The cigar’s prominent flavors in the first third are chocolate and mint, like a thin mint cookie. The cigar has a mild spiciness and additional minty deliciousness on the retro-hale. The mint and the chocolate start to mellow out slightly around the halfway point, and the tobacco starts to come through, giving the cigar a coffee-like character. There is mostly mint with a hint of black pepper in the nose. With undertones of chocolate, mint, and just a hint of coffee, the final third of the Java Mint maintains the same flavor profile as the previous two-thirds. As the cigar ends, the retrohale delivers even more pepper.


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