Ice Cream Weed Strain





You know that positive, thrilling feeling you get in your stomach when riding a roller coaster? Yeah, that’s the same feeling that our ice cream strain gives! It is still unsurpassed as the best-tasting marijuana! You’ll feel like you have gravity-resisting suits and laugh your ass off while you’re levitating when you vape these ice cream-tasting buds for hours. Ice Cream commonly referred to as “Ice Cream Kush,” is a rare and powerful marijuana hybrid strain. Ice Cream is a distinctive and distinguished cultivar created by Parad Seeds.

Have you ever felt that something is lacking or that you could take action immediately but are unsure what it might be? These flowers will rid you of those feelings and make you confident to take on anything. You’ll experience a sense of wholeness. For the most incredible flavor and the most mind-bending experience, vape it. For those who enjoy the psychedelic high yet struggle with anxiety, we suggest trying this marijuana. You should try it out; it’s the best!


The high is often balanced, leaving you comfortable and at ease without going to sleep immediately.

  • Hungry

  • Dizzy

  • Aroused

  • Focused


This bushy plant produces dense nugs with tightly packed trichomes and smooth-smoking white, frosty buds. You may anticipate some significant couch lock because of the gummy texture, which attests to a good THC potency.

Aroma and flavors

The fragrance is pure skunk. However, the flavorful terpenes have notes of vanilla and pine.

  • Vanilla

  • Sweet

  • Honey

Health Benefits

Users have claimed that this flower helps with the following:

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Anxiety


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