H.UPMANN 1844 Nicaragua



The H.Upmann 1844 Nicaragua cigar is premium with exceptional quality and rich, complex flavors. It is a medium to full-bodied cigar wrapped with Ecuadorian Sumatra gleaming with oil. It encloses the Criollo 1991 and Piloto Cubano filler for sweet taste. The taste exudes cocoa flavors, spice, cedar, and roasted nuts, making it one of a kind in great taste, and awesome aroma.

The cigar was made from Nicaragua’s finest homegrown tobacco to fill the Ecuador Sumatra. The cigar wrapper is a Brazillian Mata fina leaf, which is triple fermented; this fermentation provides it with a strong feeling. The H.Upmann 1844 Nicaragua cigar occurs in various sizes, with 20 pieces per box.


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