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Gorilla Glue, sometimes called Original Glue and GG #4, is a popular hybrid strain adored for its harmonious blend of indica and Sativa traits. Gorilla Glue popularized growers GG Strains and gave rise to the GG “family,” including sister strains like GG #1 aka Sister Glue and certified crosses like GlueChee (GG #4 X Cheese). Since Original Glue won first place at the 2014 Cannabis Cups in Los Angeles and Michigan and the High Times Jamaica World Cup, its superiority is no longer a secret, and customers will travel great distances to have their hands sticky with it (GG4).

It usually has a high potency, especially if you get it from a reputable grower. The THC content ranges from 18 to 30 percent. A Sativa-dominant parent strain and an indica-dominant parent strain were crossed to create this indica-dominant hybrid. It typically contains 60% indica and 40% Sativa. Myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene terpenes are most prevalent.

This flower is the result of a “throuple.” The Sativa Chem’s Sister, the hybrid Sour Dubb, and the Sativa Chocolate Diesel are the strains that gave rise to GG #4. These three strains each contribute their distinctive aromas to Gorilla Glue, and when combined, their effects produce the ideal hybrid strain high: an awake, stress-free mind and a calm body.


Based on what our users have said, Gorilla Glue is:

  • Calming

  • Energizing

  • Euphoric

  • Relaxing

Although it’s a fantastic social companion, too much of it might make you feel “glued” to the couch.


There are hardly any obvious red hairs or pistols on the blooms. Instead, they only resemble huge calyxes that are heavily covered in trichomes.

Aroma and Flavor

It has a strong fragrance that is immediately recognizable. Its flavor and scent are soil, spicy, aromatic pine, cocoa, and sourness. The scent is earthy, piney, slightly peppery, and smells like sour fuel.

Health Benefits

It is often recommended to medical patients suffering from:

  • Pain

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Insomnia.


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