Garcia y Vega




Garcia y Vega 1882 Cigarillos are a new product line created by the renowned Garcia y Vega Company to commemorate their 130th anniversary. These 1882 Cigars are cheroot-style cigars made entirely of natural fillers. Since their debut on the market in 1882, they have been a popular American staple and one of the oldest-known manufacturers of machine-made cigars. They are not just popular; they are one of the best.

‘Garcia y Vega’ 1882 Irish Cream is made with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler, homogenized tobacco leaf binder, and an Indonesian wrapper to produce a rugged smoke with a curiously soothing flavor. They feature a precise, thorough design that ensures a great smoking experience whenever you feel the urge to indulge yourself in one of these “bad boys.”


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