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If you actively use cannabis and value freshness, flavor, and physical and psychological effects, Dime products unquestionably meet your needs, from appearance to functionality to delectable flavor. Overall, the Dime cartridge is of exceptionally high quality. We highly recommend it without any reservations.

In addition, because of their top-notch gear, potent concentrates, and mouthwatering cannabis flavor profile, Dime Industries is swiftly rising to the top cannabis brand position. All Dime products have undergone rigorous lab testing and expert review to ensure everyone gets the best “Think Higher” experience.

“Trusted, safe, and powerful” have become synonymous with Dime.

The oil tank is made of strong, thick, and clear glass. The mouthpiece and base of the cartridge are both made of metal and painted to match the design of the unique zero-waste atomizer by Dime Industries. Each battery used with the Dime Tank needs to be 3.7v or above. They undoubtedly want you to experience the full potential of a Dime pen. The majority of 510 batteries will function, but we advise using their battery.

What’s more, it is long-lasting. In contrast to other tanks, which often only last a week or so, it will survive slightly longer than two weeks. Dime is unlike any cannabis product you have ever used before. The hits are also more akin to nicotine vape mode, which is 100% pleasurable and has fantastic flavor.


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