Devour 500MG THC





Devour Gummies set out with the goal of standing out from the competition by creating a sweet and tasty dish that anyone could enjoy. We also wanted to make a gummy that was like the candies we ate as kids. When you bite on it, it will transport you back in time.

We take great delight in producing vegan and gluten-free gummies with a rich flavor and sweetness. one that brings back memories of your childhood and makes you feel nostalgic.

Devour is a lifestyle company that is dedicated to offering the greatest THC-infused candies that are of the highest quality and pleasantly sweet and sour.

Flavor: Tropical

Quantity: 15/pcs @ 33mg THC/each

Calories: 9 Calories per Sweet Villian


Start with 1-2 sweet shroom rope nerds and increase progressively after an hour to gauge your reaction. Everyone is unique, and they all have tolerance levels that are different from yours. Start off cautiously and progress from there.

In light of this, Devour 500MG THC is effective and has a strong high once it reaches your circulation. In conclusion, it’s incredibly simple to overindulge while chewing. As a result, we urge you to continue with caution. Because they start out sour, get sweet and finally make you stoned.


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