Cutleaf Exotics THCO Gummies




These Cutleaf Exotics THCO Gummies are infused with pure and high-quality hemp. Each pack comes with six infused Gummies, with each gummy containing 50mg of THCO. These are made with organic and natural ingredients without animal products, giving the consumer a better and more natural taste of hemp.

Enjoy the therapeutic blend of sweet, juicy fruits and sugar cane syrup. The Cutleaf Exotics gummies flavors include pineapple express, strawberry lemonade, creamsicle, berry blast, and kush cake. All these properties give a better and more natural taste to the Gummies. They don’t affect the active ingredient, which contains about 0.03% THC per gummy. You can control your desired dose while choosing how many Gummies will please your needs.


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