Carrot Dab Tool



Ready for a quick snack? Do you feel like having something nutritious? With this colorful Carrot dabber, scoop your concentrates in style! A glass dabber’s primary benefit is its quick and simple cleaning with an alcohol swab. Everyone can dab in style and comfort!

For shredding and cutting your trickier or stickier concentrates, utilize this pike end tip. The borosilicate glass (also known as pyrex) used to make this dabber makes it more durable and less likely to break from thermal shock. It lacks flavor as well, so, your dab nail won’t experience any flavor changes or taste transfers. This dabber tool has been designed to resemble a carrot. This dabber was flameworked and produced by hand. Because each one is individually made, the shape and size may differ slightly from the pictures; looking at this dabber will remind you to eat your vegetables!

Product Information

  • Length: 4.5 inches

  • Borosilicate glass, 3.5″

  • One Carrot Dabber

  • Simple to use


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