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The sauce cartridge are sauce-filled vape pen cartridges. Most carts used for vaping contain some form of cannabis concentrate. However, sauce carts only contain sauce. The sauce is a sticky, liquid form of cannabis extract. High terpene content in sauce extractions gives them compelling flavor characteristics.

Typically, a particular procedure is used to make a sauce with two components: cannabinoid-rich crystals with high THC levels suspended in terpene-rich oil.

Cannabis extracts are frequently named based on their shape, color, texture, and malleability. It explains why extracts with words like “shatter,” “crumble,” “sugar,” and “oil” are common. The same is true of sauce; this extract has a special terp sauce and crystal mix, giving it a marmalade-like viscosity.

Beyond consistency, the sauce is renowned for its potent terpenes and separated cannabinoids. Terpenes and cannabinoids may not be distributed equally throughout the finished product since they have been isolated from one another. Because of this, two dabs from the same sauce may result in very different terpene and cannabinoid levels and, consequently, two very distinct experiences.

You can get the flavor you desire and a lot of THC with our sauce cartridges. If you place an order now, we can have it delivered to you!


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