6″ Snowman Bong


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Are you looking for a fantastic, affordable method to upgrade your smoking collection? Have you been looking for the ideal bong for a very long time? Are you trying to find a unique bong you won’t find anywhere else? Do you also love building snowmen? Then, our snowman bong is ideal for you.

Our lovely robust glass bubble base bong is a fantastic fundamental addition to any smoker’s collection, whether you’re purchasing it for yourself or as a present. Our handblown snowman bongs and glass pipes are the season’s top sellers. We stocked up this limited-edition winter product because we want you to give or acquire something beautiful, rare, and one-of-a-kind. Each piece is unique and gives its owner a sense of exclusivity and pleasure.

These snowman smoking accessories, just like some others, are constructed of Pyrex, a heat-resistant, light, and durable borosilicate glass that is entirely safe for human consumption. Additionally, you can add calligraphy or a simple image to the snowman pipes or bongs to make them even more distinctive and one-of-a-kind. You may purchase the entire collection for less money by purchasing discounted smoking sets that include snowman pipes and bongs.

Whether you’re getting ready for secret Santa or buying something for yourself, this bong is ideal.

Product Information

  • Height: 6 inches

  • 14mm male bowl

  • Bubble Bottom

  • 45-degree angled joint


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