6” Diamond Neck Round Base Bong



Are you looking for a fantastic, affordable method to upgrade your smoking collection? Have you been looking for the ideal basic bong for a long time? You’re in luck! Introducing our magnificent 6-inch Diamond Neck Round Base Bong!

This bong guarantees every user a unique smoking session thanks to its magnificent smoking bowl and carb hole in the back. A stunning, sturdy glass bong with a beaker base makes a beautiful present or personal purchase, and it’s the ideal fundamental addition to any smoker’s collection.

Here at the Apple Dream Shop, it is one of our favorite items, and it is simple to understand why. These glass blowers exclusively produce the best smoking experience, and the bong manufacturers also play a part in this. They have a penchant for testing out novel concepts to keep their smoking accessories current and always get creative, even while typically producing exactly symmetrical scientific glass. Additionally, they are unafraid of color as this glassware stands out with vivid color in its finer points. So rest assured, when you shop our smoking accessories, you never get a monotonous item!

Product Information

  • Height: 6 inches

  • Bubble Bottom

  • Made of glass

  • Carb hole in the back

You should add this excellent handcrafted bong to your collection. One of our most distinctive bongs for around $20.


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