6″ Classic Shower Bend Dab Rig – Clear



Are you attempting to see how amazing your regular smoking experiences can become? You’re in luck, then! You can with this gleaming 6-inch glass shower bend dab rig! This setup features a single percolator and a straightforward, eye-catching layout. We are confident that this outstanding dab rig will far exceed your and your smoking companions’ needs!

Our 6-inch shower bend dab rigs have a straightforward design with pops of color to keep it stylish. Since they are mostly clear, it’s simple to tell when your dab rigs need cleaning. Wish there was something a little cooler than the 6-inch shower bend dab rig, though. A 6-inch designer shower bend dab rig is available here.

This brand-new, 6-inch glass shower bent bong is something that Apple Dream Shop is immensely proud to provide. This small bong is guaranteed to be ideal for you because it comes in blue and green. This brand-new 6-inch magical shower bend glass bong is made entirely of glass and is offered in both blue and green. It’s quite simple to detect when it needs cleaning and when it appears fresh because the base is shining clear.

All smokers should own a water pipe as awesome as this one, which has a bent neck for better handling. Do you already own your preferred bong? This bong is the ideal gift for that special smoker in your life!

Product Information

  • Height: 6 inches

  • Material: Glass

  • Bowl + Quartz Banger included

  • Single Percolator

  • Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Clear, and Pink


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