16″ Blue Bubble Bottom Double Honeycomb Bong



To smokers who prefer a practical approach to their sessions and are seeking a means to receive hit after successful hit without having to worry about the flavor of their hit, we recommend our 16″ Blue Bubble Bottom Double Honeycomb Bong. It’s also fantastic for new smokers who have healthy lungs but wish to avoid a terrible cough.

A dual Honeycomb percolator is placed in the center of this enormous glass bong to distribute the smoke. A fully operating honeycomb percolator should produce hundreds of tiny bubbles thanks to its hives. The harshness of smoke may not hit you as hard, but you can miss out on some of the natural flavors of your flower or concentrate if you use a pipe.

You’ll quickly make this stylish Big Bong your daily vehicle because of its double bubble base for more capacity and a distinctive look. Stoners love this distinctive bong because of its double bubble base design bottom. Use the “ice catchers” (also known as “ice pinches”) to cool your smoke. To give you an even more incredible and better smoking experience supplied by such a considerable top bong, this water pipe simply approves of it before the smoke reaches your lungs.

Product Features

  • Height: 16 inches

  • Material: Glass

  • Colors: Purple and white

  • 100% Handmade

  • Thick heavy glass


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