14mm Green Male Bowl Pc



Are you trying to find a bong replacement bowl? Perhaps you want some modern, cool gear for your water pipe. This male bowl piece in 14 mm is exceptionally reasonably priced. Where will you find a better offer?

These colored tube bowls are ideal for smokers looking for a straightforward yet handy item. As this is where your dry herb will be packed, bowls are possibly the most crucial component of any smoking apparatus. These bowls are available in a variety of hues. These are a fantastic complement for anyone needing a quick bowl piece because they are sturdy glass. These give smooth hits onto any item, are the ideal size, and are simple to clean. In addition to offering customers cutting-edge glass products, World of Bongs recognizes the value of having bare essentials and classic accessories like the color tube bowl.

A bong’s bowl, commonly referred to as the bowl slide, is a crucial component. For your convenience, we have a large assortment of premium 14mm bowls from the leading brands in various sizes, colors, shapes, and materials. Find out more about our 14mm green bong bowl below. Improve the aesthetics of your bong with a straightforward green design! Furthermore, it has a big bowl to rip!

Product Specifications

  • 14mm Green male bowl piece

  • 1 bowl piece per order


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