14″ White Double Honeycomb Bong



Check out this glass bong with a 14-inch flared base, which is made of incredibly thick glass. The filtration and usefulness of this water pipe are outstanding. Two layered honeycomb percolators filter the smoke before it enters the bong through the fixed joint. The ice pinch, which cools your cigarette with each inhalation, adds more usefulness.

Product Information


As you may know, it is simpler to insert more percolators into a taller bong. Every bong is a distinct size and offers a varied set of benefits. The bong stands 14 inches tall.

Double honeycomb percolator

These percolators have a flat disc that joins each chamber together as plates are stacked one on the other. They have a base with parallel holes that sit like a cheese grater and shoot bubbles straight up. They produce so dense and potent smoke that many bongs include numerous levels of honeycomb percs.

Transparent glass

The beaker and mouthpiece of the 14-inch bong are accented with a faint green color in the clear glass that makes up the bong. However, it provides a clear view of each rip’s internal operation, showing how the water swirls in the water chamber to produce a satisfying smoke.

Durable glass

The transparent Percolator Bong is made up of high-quality glass. The thicker the glass stronger the bong. These thick glass bongs are less likely to break with a single touch and more likely to sustain for a longer time. We believe in good customer experience and thus prefer the best quality.

Thick flat base

The base of the 14 Inch bong is a flat disk shape made of thick glass to hold the water pipe bong and stabilize it.

Product Specifications

  • Height: 14″ Inches

  • Material: Glass

  • Colour: White

  • 100% Handmade

  • Skinny Neck Splash Guard

Safety Information: Handle with care.


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