14″ Genie Honeycomb Bong



The honeycomb diffused water bong and the 14″ Genie appear very straightforward. From the outside, it appears to be just another ordinary bong. Therefore it doesn’t seem like it will be anything unique. A closer examination will rapidly alter that perception. There is no need for further cooling techniques because the honeycomb diffuser and shower head percolator are so effective. All you need is one chamber for an excellent smoking experience because the percolator breaks the smoke up so well. This massive 14-bong employs every one of those inches to provide a comfortable, pleasurable smoking experience.

At Apple Dream Shop, our percolator bongs, commonly known as “percs,” are the most fashionable and practical bongs available. They employ clever design to offer the smoothest, most remarkable, and most satisfactory filtered smoking experience. Compared to conventional bongs, Percolators use microscopic pores to dilute the smoke before it enters your lungs. This technique stops the smoke from suddenly pouring into the water chamber. The outcome? A hit of smoke that is significantly purer, colder, and smoother that has been effectively filtered of any potentially dangerous pollutants.

Percolator bongs are not only very practical but also gorgeous and a great conversation starter. When smoke flows through them, their elaborate design, the mix of several chambers, and percolating features are a delight to observe.

Product Information

  • Height: 14 inches

  • Material: Glass

  • Color: comes in 3 colors (White/Purple, Blue/White, Black/White)

  • Functionality: Superb

  • 18mm Bowl Pc


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