12″ Stoned Genie Purple Lavender Bong



Presenting the incredibly popular Lavender Stoned Genie beaker bong! This bong’s stunning purple/lavender color makes it so distinctive. Bringing this out for a smoke session will get all your buddies’ attention! Why is this bong so distinctive?

The color is guaranteed to last for the length of the long hall because it is built of straight purple tubing. You can thoroughly clean the bong, but the color will not fade. Our customers overwhelmingly demanded this bong, so we made it happen!

This fantastic purple/lavender honeycomb bong bong doesn’t require a down stem because it is attached to the side. Honeycomb percolator to guarantee high-quality, smooth rips. Additionally, the bong’s neck is thin because of the splash guard’s design, which keeps water from rising into your mouth. An affordable bong that is ideal for daily smokers!

Product Features

  • Height: 12 inches

  • Material: Glass (heavy glass)

  • Smooth quality water pipe with honeycomb

  • Percolator and splash guard

  • 18mm male bowl piece


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