12″ Green Hornet Bong



This is the ideal piece for you if you’re searching for a daily driver that will perform brilliantly and is also quite simple to maintain. This item is composed of thick borosilicate glass with a particularly thick spherical base for increased longevity. For further strength, a dewars joint is used to reinforce the joint. A honeycomb percolator is located in the roomy main chamber to provide the ideal amount of diffusion during your smoking sessions without adding drag. This item’s short, bent neck helps to condense your smoke for improved flavor while also keeping water from getting into your mouth. This item is ideal for a beginner or anyone who appreciates traditional designs and works well with herbs and concentrates.

Special Features

  • 8 inches tall for the ideal flavor and dispersion

  • Splashback prevents any loss of flavor condensed by a narrow bent neck.

  • Honeycomb percolator for smoke cooling and diffusion without drag

  • made with solid borosilicate glass and an incredibly thick foundation.

  • The 14mm male joint and a 14mm glass bong bowl are compatible.

  • Creates an airtight seal when you use the mouthpiece.

Product Specifications

  • Height: 9 inches

  • Material: Glass

  • Colors: Blue, Green, Amber, and Grey

  • 14mm male bowl

  • Honeycomb percolator


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