11″ Premium White Neck Rocket Honeycomb Bong



One of the most common styles of bongs available is the honeycomb bong. This is so that there is little to no drag and maximal filtering is possible with the honeycomb perc. A disk perc that resembles a honeycomb is used in honeycomb perc water pipes. Since it has so many tiny pores, which further scatter and divide the smoke that travels through them, it has much more diffusion than typical perc. It’s very straightforward: the more holes, the better the diffusion. Honeycomb bongs are excellent because they have no drag and have excellent flavor. Large holes won’t effectively filter the smoke, and small holes will create too much drag, so the holes must be the proper size. This is one of our best sellers.

Product Information

  • Height: 11 inches

  • Material: Glass

  • Color: Green and Pink

  • 11″ White Neck Rocket Honeycomb

  • 18mm male bowl piece


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