10” Flat Base Skinny Neck Bong



Smoke in style with our stunning 10-inch designer bong with a rasta beaker base! This bong is ideal for someone who frequently smokes, whether you or a close friend. It will last session after session!

Beaker Bongs got their name from how they look, similar to an Erlenmeyer flask, a type of container you may see in a science lab. Beaker Base Bongs are shaped this way for maximum performance and functionality, not merely for aesthetic reasons. They come in various designs, from the most simple to the most complex, with various add-ons and accessories. Our selection includes traditional Beaker Bongs and stunning showpieces with ash catchers, ice catchers, and various percolators.

It also includes a glass bowl that matches the stunning bong design! It will surely let you know when it needs a thorough cleaning and when it is shining like new because it is colorful while remaining transparent enough to look through. This bong’s gorgeous designer pattern and brilliant hues are likely to induce hypnosis in each smoker it comes across. Like the style but not the color scheme? Check out Orange Crush or our blue/yellow/red design here.

Product Information

  • Height: 10 inches

  • Material: Heavy, thick glass

  • Beaker base bong

  • Colors: blue/yellow/red design


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