How to Get Weed in DC – No Medical Card

How to Get Weed in DC – No Medical Card

Since the passing of Initiative 71, which allows DC residents from the age of 21 and over to possess and use small amounts of cannabis, different recreational dispensaries have sprung about the city. With this access, you can get weed in DC when you walk into a licensed store or order online for your weed accessories.

The problem with this access is knowing what shop offers excellent quality on all their products. However, your worries are laid to rest, with Apple Dream Shop being one of the few that believes you should have no hassle getting your high with the right cannabis tools and tobacco strains.

Either as an experienced cannabis lover or a newbie, come to Apple Dreams Shop to experience premium service like none other. Our representative offers you guidance to get the trendiest, hottest, and best accessories alongside our gifts.

Our shop also makes a great gift store where you can delight your friends and family when you pick up our customised tee-shirts, watches, outerwear, and many more. The Apple Dreams Shop also prioritises your convenience as you can simply order our products from our online shop if you can walk into our shop. Our online shop is user-friendly, and you’ll find our best products listed with descriptions to suit your specifics.

All customers at our physical or online shop also get an incentive from us. You can get some of the best cannabis strains for a small donation, including purple kush and sour diesel. Our products are highly affordable, and we offer the best promotion and subtle packages for your accessories.

What Do I need To Buy Weed In DC Without A Medical Card?

Regardless if you’re a tourist, resident, or passerby in the fine city of Washington DC, you can get weed without a medical card when you walk into any of the licensed dispensaries. Technically, it’s not legal to buy and sell weed in the area, but with Initiative 71, you can get weed through the gifting system.

Before you get weed in DC through the gifting system, you need to have a few things before you walk into a shop like the Apple Dreams shop, including a DC license or a valid state ID showing you’re 21 and above.

You can get weed through the gifting system without a medical card. Our representative at Apple Dream Shop will also guide you through the whole purchasing process to keep you out of trouble with the law. We also walk you through our collection of cannabis strains to clarify what you’re getting.

The Gifting System

The gifting system is the loophole in Initiative 71 that gets you your cannabis strains. As stated in the above section, you can come to Apple Dream Shop and get some of our best strains (our gift to you) when you donate to our cause.

As with this technique we’ve employed in Apple Dream Shops, other dispensaries may use this technique or similar variants. In addition, gifting away weed from shops selling smoking accessories like us is legal in DC with initiative 71.

Some dispensaries give you weed for buying a T-shirt, a piece of art, or any other merchandise. Regardless, you should keep your purchase receipts if you want to hold the gifted strains. With this, you can go to any DC recreational dispensary with the listed valid IDs to purchase any item and receive a gift.

What Is Expected Of You Before You Get Weed In Washington DC

You can come to Apple Dreams shop to get your weed accessories and other merchandise we sell in exchange for a gift. Our representatives will guide you through the process, but these are the essential tips to get weed in DC legally.

Before you walk into a recreational dispensary, make sure the dispensary complies with Initiative 71 fully. Hence, pick a reliable smokeshop with licenses and trustworthy delivery service.

If you’re not going through the process online, do not walk into any smokeshop or dispensaries saying you want to “buy” weed. Saying this can get you in trouble in some shops. Instead, always say you want to buy a shirt, a piece of art, a cookie, or other advertised gift items, and a representative should take the lead from there.

Ensure you’re with a valid ID and your cash or any other favourable means of payment by the shop. With these tips, you will be safe getting your gifted weed from Apple Dreams shop or any other recreational dispensaries around.
A crucial tip you should know is that your gift should not weigh more than two ounces at any given time, as this is illegal and could get you in trouble.

With this article, you should now know how to go about getting weed legally and without hassle in DC. If you have any more inquiries about our policies, do not hesitate to contact us!