DC Marijuana Gifting Stores

The use of recreational marijuana in the capital of the United States, Washington DC, has been made legal. So, all citizens above the age of 21 are allowed to possess and consume cannabis. In addition, stores are also allowed to gift cannabis.

Even since the D.C. Council voted against imposing the harsh penalties meant to put all marijuana “gifting” shops out of business, it cleared the tension in the air. Finally, the government realized that the i-71 shutdown was a bad idea. As a result, store owners can freely offer cannabis and CBD products as gifts to customers on their purchases. But that’s not all, and you won’t even need a medical card to enjoy this service, even if you’re from out of state.

However, even with the legalization of cannabis in our Nation’s capital, there aren’t any recreational D.C. dispensaries like those found in Denver and L.A. The reason is that when the city passed Initiative 71, the council added a rider to the federal budget. This addition has held the District from setting up recreational dispensaries in Washington DC.

Don’t think too deeply. No worries, anyone above 21 to possess and grow cannabis in D.C. All you need to do to access gift marijuana is visit any i-71 compliant shop in D.C. i-71 complaints shops are simply stores vetted and approved by the District government. There might be no licensed recreational businesses. However, the private market of marijuana gifts in D.C. still blooms to give all adults free access to weed.

Where do I Get the Best Weed in D.C?

Now that you know that gift marijuana in D.C is legal, the next hurdle you’ll have to cross is credibility. Well, you can trust any i-71 marijuana dispensary. If you need a buzzy visit to the capital, look no further than The Apple Dream Shop. One visit will be enough to convince you. Our store delivers the best gifts, products that will warm the hearts of those you love, and the best fashion items in Washington, which might leave you breathless on your first visit. Still, you’ll get used to it because we set ourselves apart from the competition. We include a twist with every purchase. To earn gifted top-shelf cannabis strains like sour diesel and purple kush from us, you only need to make a little donation. Our gifts are reasonably priced, from smoking accessories, containers, bongs, grinders, rolling papers, and other smoking products. The Apple Dream Shop is undoubtedly the best marijuana gift store in D.C.

As smokers ourselves, we know what makes a fantastic shop. So we’ve paid attention, listened, and improved our game. As a result, we’ve ensured you enjoy affordable products, unbeatable promo offers, and discreet packaging of smoke-related items. Want to see for yourself? Make a stop by our tobacco and gift shop sometime. We’ll be open any day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, except on Fridays and Saturdays when we close by 11:00 pm. Feel free to also place an order online at your convenience. We have the best delivery in D.C., don’t worry about speed. Do well to contact us soon.

Best Weed Strains in D.C.

There are two weed strains that you need to try out if you already haven’t, the Ice Cream Cake Marijuana Strain and the Lemonchello marijuana strain. Want to find out what makes them so special amongst other products?

Ice Cream Cake Strain

This indica marijuana strain is the product of a cross of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake strains. It offers a sedating feeling that will ease your mind and body. The calming effects it gives can help to ease insomnia and anxiety. But, it will also make you feel sleepy and sometimes hungry. So, it is ideal for night use when you have nothing important to do when you all have to watch T.V. and fall asleep. Ice Cream Cake has a creamy flavor with sweet hints of vanilla and an overall sugary dough.

Herb growers say it has light green and purple buds, flushed completely with icy trichomes.

Lemonchello Marijuana Strain

This strain is also called “Limoncello” and “Lemonchello 28.” This hybrid marijuana strain is well-balanced and is the product of a cross between The Original Lemonnade and Cherry Pie strains. Growers say it produces compact green and purple buds with orange hairs and a thick coat of resin. It also has an appealing flavor of lemon and cherry with crisp citrus overtones. Lemoncello most times leaves its consumers feeling mellow and very relaxed. It will lift your mood by making you giggly, happy, and talkative. You need to try it!