Best Quality Weed in DC

Best Quality Weed in DC

Washington DC is essentially the trendsetter for recreational cannabis usage in the DMV area. With the eased marijuana regulations, a slew of new dispensaries are springing up in the region. While some are not the best quality DC weed delivery, others bring the heat with seemingly new varieties every day.

Because cannabis is abundant in the nation’s capital, choosing the best DC delivery is growing in importance. This is where we come in. Apple Dream Shop is a game changer for the cannabis gifting industry. We offer you the best weed in DC, fast delivery, and complete satisfaction.

Read on to find out about our services.

Why Apple Dream Shop is the Best Quality DC Weed Delivery

Rather than go to a dispensary, many marijuana users prefer that their weed be discreetly transported to them. Some people want to maintain their privacy or have health issues that make it difficult to leave their homes.

If you’re looking for cannabis in DC and want it delivered, here are some reasons why Apple Dream Shop is right for you.

Our Location is Ideal for Washington Residents

Our store is located at 3106 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington. Mount Pleasant is at the heart of a dense suburbia with easy public transport access. It is also safe, so you need not fear if you want to stop by the shop at later hours.

Our location also means that we are never too far from you. Our reasonably priced courier service reaches all the nooks and crannies of Washington DC.

We Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Begin by looking at testimonials on our website, and product review sites like Where’s Weed and Yelp. You can also reach out to your friends and family and ask them about their experiences with our delivery services. You will likely hear about our cannabis products’ consistency and quality.

Apple Dream Shop also ensures speedy deliveries because we understand how annoying late deliveries can be. We will not disrupt your schedules with delayed shipping.

Our Product Supply Range is Extensive

With our extensive product supply range, it’s unlikely that we don’t stock the gifted weed strain or formulation you want. You may be looking for a specific sativa, hybrid, or indica strain or an oil, tincture, edibles like brownies, cookies, candies, and vegan choices. We have all these and more.

Our company offers a consistent supply and a scheduled restocking calendar, so you don’t have to stay with no stash when you run out.

We Adhere to Safety Measures

Cannabis delivery companies and smoke shops in DC are expected to use a product safety and labeling program. This involves evaluating the marijuana supply from production facilities for pollutants including arsenic and mercury, pesticides, and fertilizer residue.

Choose Apple Dream Shop because we offer you marijuana that is devoid of harmful chemicals. You can contact us for a certificate of analysis (COA) that proves we take your health seriously. We also properly label our goods, indicating the quantity of CBD you will receive per dose rather than per bottle or container.

Best Weed in DC From Apple Dream Shop

Apple Dream Shop presents shoppers some of the best weed in DC. Our sources are of the highest quality and we ensure that our products deliver the best highs.

First-time users or those using cannabis for medicinal reasons should get advice from more experienced users or medical practitioners before trying the products below:

Purple Popscotti

Chill. Take a deep breath and relax. Take it easy. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the flowers. Purple Popscotti is an Indica dominant hybrid that provides serenity with an extra serving of relaxation. It’s ideal for all of your misty journeys.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Lemon Cherry Gelato is a somewhat indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica and 40% sativa). This bud tastes and smells like tart lemons with luscious cherries and berries and a dash of pine. Since it is indica dominant, it’s high isn’t so stimulating. Instead, it offers relaxing qualities that will put you at rest.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel has a mood-lifting influence, with stimulative causing users to be more talkative while among people or more contemplative when alone. It’s worth noting that Sour Diesel lives up to its name, with a strong burn that could make you cough and your sinuses wet. Sour D may help with certain minor stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

Obama Kush

Obama Kush was produced via Exceptional Genetic manipulation by crossing an Indica Afghani with an OG Kush, a sativa dominant hybrid. It is among the most recognized strains in the DC region. Consequently, users of all levels of expertise will find this strain to be both approachable and pleasurable.

Pineapple Express

Before its debut in the US, this strain was already well-known in the Netherlands. It became popular here five years later, after the release of a film with the same name starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Pineapple Express is the product of crossing Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains. The bud’s tropical overtones are so strong that many describe them as tasting like pineapple slices.

People aged 21 and above are permitted to possess up to two ounces of cannabis for recreational purposes. Ownership of paraphernalia is also permitted. DC residents can now grow up to six plants; three of them mature. People can gift up to an ounce of marijuana, but sale is against the law.

The Entheogenic Plants and Fungus Policy Act, commonly called Initiative 81, was enacted by the people of Washington DC in 2020. Because of this policy shift, the District’s Metropolitan Police Department now considers most psychedelic drug offenses of the “lowest enforcement priority.”

Choose Apple Dream Shop

At Apple Dream Shop, we deliver the best quality weed in DC. Our deliveries are discreet and completed in record time. We do not sell cannabis products, but we gift you a selection of top-shelf options when you buy an item in our store. Check out a range of shirts, stickers, cards, juices, caps, and more in-store on our site’s shop.