How to Start Your Marijuana Delivery Service in Washington DC

Ever since the legalization of marijuana in November 2014, Washington, DC, has allowed the use of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. However, it is quite unfortunate that the number of delivery services, gift shops, and other cannabis businesses has peaked, and at the moment, DC is no longer accepting applications for new cannabis enterprises. Nonetheless, we strongly believe that it is crucial for you to understand the nitty-gritty of how to start a marijuana delivery business in the DC because, who knows, the application window might be reopened soon.

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Marijuana Legislation in Washington DC

Before learning how to start up a cannabis business in DC, you need to learn and understand the rules first. It would be helpful. Initiative 71 was finally approved, much to the joy of many cannabis connoisseurs, on the 4th of November 2014, and ever since, cannabis – both recreational and medical – has been legal.

Now, the District of Columbia has five cultivation facilities and three dispensaries that are all working actively after they were granted the legal permits they needed for the cultivation and sale of marijuana. The operation and license of these businesses were overseen and also regulated by the Department of Health. However, since the time these enterprises were set up, applications and proposals to start up new ones have not been accepted.

Basic Requirements for Weed Delivery Business in Washington DC

There are 3 things that every and any weed delivery business in Washington, DC, will need to thrive, and they include:

The way delivery enterprises work in Washington, DC, is quite unique, and every aspiring owner must understand this to be able to thrive. DC delivery services do not directly distribute marijuana to their customers, and the customers also, in theory, do not pay directly for the delivery service. Instead, customers pay for legal commodities and get marijuana as a gift. So, anyone who wants to run a delivery service needs a shop where clients can purchase the drug and are required to provide free delivery of their goods to them anywhere within DC.

The annual fee to register a new marijuana delivery business in DC is $10,000, and the one-time application processing fee is $5,000. If your dispensary builds a growing facility on the property, it will attract another $10,000. There are some additional fees required, such as the annual registration fees, which are $200 for directors, members, and agents and $75 for managers. Additionally, in order to run delivery services out of a dispensary, a transport permit, which costs $25, is required. So to launch the cannabis enterprise that you desire, you need financial power.

In addition to all other requirements, owners of delivery businesses must apply for a transportation license, amongst other necessary licenses. However, obtaining a license is currently not possible with the current state rules. Hopefully, licensing will be allowed in the future very soon.

7 Tips to Start a Weed Delivery Business in DC

As an aspiring weed delivery business owner, you might want to find out more about other ways to engage the legal cannabis sector. So, if you have lofty ambitions to become the best delivery service or smoking shop in the city, you’ll find all the information you need on starting a cannabis business in DC down below.

Read about the laws.

The first step in starting any new enterprise is to learn about the business. Similarly, before starting out your marijuana enterprises, you need to learn about Initiative 71 in Washington, DC. The most crucial part of managing any business is ensuring compliance, particularly in the cannabis world, where breaching the law won’t protect you. Instead, by staying informed about the law, you can protect your rights as well as the rights of your clients.

Dig your wells

The cannabis industry is quite popular, but the companies that pledge a lifetime of growth and learning are the ones that thrive. For cannabis brands and enterprises, mastering their industry is just as important as any professional. Try to be proactive as possible; this is a good general rule. To succeed in your field as a knowledgeable professional, familiarize yourself with cannabis and the cannabis industry in Washington, DC.

Choose your brand

If you are aware of the regulations, have a general understanding of marijuana use, and are familiar with the Washington, DC, legal marijuana market, you can concentrate on figuring out your specific goals. You can think about various businesses, delivery services, smoking shops, and vendors in DC, such as Apple Dream Shop, to help you decide what you can offer the market. Whatever choice you make, keep in mind that the market needs reliability and quality.

Start building

As soon as you have your brand concept in mind, you should start from scratch to create the face of your brand. It’s crucial to start with a logo that embodies the style and voice of your brand. The next stage is to create a website containing your company’s offerings, contact information, core beliefs, and mission statement. These build a strong foundation for any successful cannabis retailer in Washington, DC, and are excellent for boosting local SEO for your new business.

Speak to your audience

In Washington, DC, content marketing is one of the most effective business tactics for promoting cannabis firms. Always remember to be professional and friendly in your marketing.

Stock up

After receiving a business permit from Washington, DC, stock up on “for sale” items and put them on display. T-shirts, stickers, and raffle tickets are typically sold by businesses. But be inventive with the products you offer. Sell and market goods that are consistent with your company’s branding and commercial objectives.


Once your brand and clientele are established, it would be beneficial to maintain expansion. A wonderful approach to connect with and communicate with DC cannabis event organizers and other vendors is through Facebook groups.

Bottom Line

Washington, DC’s marijuana industry is comparable to other industries overall. Ne

Regardless of your background, to enter the marijuana industry, you need a strategic business plan, a financial plan, and funding to start your business. To work in the cannabis industry, you must also be older than 21 and comply with all applicable federal, state, and municipal laws governing commerce, including licensing requirements.

However, you can still enjoy top-notch weed delivery in DC while you get ready to start your own marijuana company from the Apple Dream Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is made in Washington, DC, from marijuana deliveries?

Washington, DC’s marijuana delivery services are not separate businesses, yet global dispensaries can easily make $50,000 to millions of dollars a year.

How many pot shops are there in the state?

The District of Columbia only temporarily accepted applications for dispensaries in 2013–2014. As a result, we are no longer considering new applicants. However, when they were allowed to operate in DC, there were just three dispensaries allowed. There hasn’t been revealed any new application window, and they are still in use.

Can an adult start a cannabis business in DC?

Yes, it is the solution. Just like any other form of business, starting a marijuana business in Washington, DC, requires having all your ducks in a straight. To develop a detailed business and financial plan for your company that will allow you to get the required permits to operate in DC, you should get legal counsel.

Gifting Dispensary in Washington DC to Get the Best Buds – Weed Delivery in DC

Considering the over 24 million tourists who come to our nation’s capital each year, some are shocked that you can have marijuana delivered directly to your door! Yes, DC has a thriving marijuana delivery industry. You can get premium marijuana, edibles, vapes, and even pre-rolls to be delivered to your home. Even with this new development, you might find yourself in murky waters if you don’t know the ins and outs of ordering and how to adhere to initiative 71’s legal limitations.

Everything you need to know about marijuana delivery in Washington, DC, including the fastest, most dependable platform, is covered in this article. So sit back and relax.

Few Things You Need To Know About Weed Delivery in DC.

In DC, marijuana delivery is constantly evolving and has come a long way. As time passes, you can expect better services and, hopefully, quicker delivery times. Here is a brief list of everything you require for DC marijuana delivery.

Common Questions About Weed Delivery in DC for Newbies

Under the I71 law, anyone in DC is permitted to gift up to an ounce of marijuana. When you purchase cannabis delivery in DC, you are not purchasing marijuana; rather, you are purchasing something else, such as a piece of clothing, and receiving the cannabis as a gift. Here are the top three queries concerning marijuana delivery in the nation’s capital that are posed by first-time customers.

Sure, you can. Any adult over 21 is welcome in stores that comply with DC I71. Additionally, whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can place an order through a DC marijuana delivery service.

A medical card is not required for any I71 gifting services provided by DC. However, the city is home to six licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. You need a medical card to visit those, but the majority of out-of-state cards are accepted.

Yes, the only locations where deliveries are forbidden are the National Mall and other federal properties. Federal law states that cannabis is forbidden. However, federal law only applies to federal lands.

The Mechanism of Weed Delivery in DC?

In Washington, DC, there are numerous cannabis delivery services, and each platform operates differently. Others may be ordered through an app, and you can follow the drivers, while some are run the conventional way, by phone. Whatever DC marijuana delivery service you choose, the ordering process is similar.

The following are the procedures for placing a marijuana delivery order in Washington, DC:

First things first, pick a reputable cannabis delivery service in DC. We provide a list of well-researched, reliable companies. You can avoid disappointments and save time by using trusted brands.

Check out the webpage of the marijuana delivery business you find in DC. Take your time looking over their menu. Usually, once you’ve located what you’re looking for, the website will offer ordering guidelines. Then, either finish placing the order online by adding the item to your cart, or you may need to call or text.

Typically, you may select a delivery address while checking out. Some marijuana delivery services in DC could have restrictions on the areas where they can make deliveries, but they’ll usually let you know if there are any issues. At worst, you might have to spend five minutes in a “safe zone” waiting for the driver to show up. The average wait time is between 40 and 70 minutes.

Do not forget that your drivers are accustomed to picking up and dropping off. Ask to first inspect the item when browsing their website to make sure you got what you ordered. You could find it challenging to find a solution because many marijuana delivery DC companies don’t have a storefront. However, by using AppleDreamShop, you can avoid issues of this nature.

Weed Delivery vs. Pick-ups – Which is better in DC?

Since most services that handle pick-ups require appointments, it’s not necessarily quicker than delivery, but you never know! Naturally, being organized pays off because booking a meeting in advance is a great method to minimize the time needed to obtain marijuana and optimize the time spent smoking it.

To Sum Up – What is the Best Weed Delivery Service in DC?

With the rise of DC cannabis delivery services in 2019, it seemed like new businesses were being launched daily. The greatest marijuana delivery service in DC was, however, always a gamble because you either had to wait for hours or didn’t get exactly what was shown in the photographs. Apple Dream Shop is one of the most dependable DC marijuana delivery services you can count on to deliver high-quality marijuana promptly. Need some proof? Visit our store today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does weed delivery take in DC?

Typically, it takes 30 to 2 hours. No matter where you are in the relatively small city of DC, people will have to slog through the same traffic to get to you.

Do I have to provide a photo of my ID to the DC Weed Delivery Service first?

Many brands employ this technique for security and age verification. It’s a rather common request.

Who offers the strongest cannabis in Washington, DC?

The gifts available from most marijuana delivery services in Washington, DC, frequently fluctuate, sometimes even daily, which is why it is difficult to point to a store that delivers the strongest cannabis in DC. However, some stores like the Apple Dream Shop prioritize their customers and stretch themselves to ensure that 99% of the time, they get premium quality cannabis at their convenience.

Fourth of July Weekend Reggae Fest DC – Order Edibles in DC

Suppose you’ve been having long days and shorter nights, staring at your calendar and groaning about why the weekend is only two days after five workdays. If May feels plain, keep going, knowing that July is not so far away, and it’s going to be a whole vibe! Why? Because the Reggae Fest will be in D.C. in July! We can feel your excitement from here! But if you’re still reading this with a long face, then it’s certain that you don’t know what Reggae Fest is.

Reggae Fest is a dance party founded in 2015 in New York by CJ Milan. Of course, that’s just the definition of paper, but candidly, the energy and aura you’ll experience here is unrivaled, there’s no better time to order edibles in D.C than now.

You’ll also get to vibe to good music and waltz on the dance floor until morning; it’ll be a long and exciting night but the fun wouldn’t be complete without some edibles. You can shop our store in DC to get some edibles to keep the energy level high. We have the best delivery in DC so don’t worry, it’ll get to you safe and fast.
What to expect at Reggae Fest DC.

You might be thinking this festival isn’t for you because you’re not much of a dancer, but their D.J.’s spin is all you need to discover the Michael Jackson in you.

You should also expect boundless energy and good vibes if you order some edible from our store in DC, it’ll make you experience it completely. Outside good music, and a dance hall, also expect three rooms to party, reggae, good old afrobeat, and soca. The Reggae Fest is no joke, this is why it has quickly become one of the most successful and most anticipated dance parties in D.C. and beyond.

What do I need to attend Reggae Fest DC.?

First, you need to get registered online to get a ticket. The tickets aren’t free, but they’re worth every penny.

Next, you have to clear your schedule and mark the dates Saturday, July 2nd, and Sunday, July 3rd, 2022, on your calendar. The event will run from 10 pm on Saturday to 3 am on Sunday (EDT).
Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, and drive down to Bliss Washington D.C. 2122 24th Place NE, Washington, DC 20018.

Don’t forget to come with a State ID or Government-issued ID as a means of identification.

However, what’s most important is to go armed with your THC Pod or CDC edibles because in DC, that’s the actual pass.

For more inquiries, contact the organizer. See you there!

Treat Yourself To Some Good Stuff

You don’t have to wait for July because it might still seem too far away, so while you wait for Reggae Fest, you can treat yourself to some delicious edibles from any of the edible shops in DC. like the Apple Dream Shop. You can get some products to take yourself to a personal high or do this with your friend. We offer the best delivery in DC. so that you can place your orders from the comfort of your home or office.
The product list of THC Pods and CBD edibles is endless, but we’ll discuss a few to expose you to the myriad of options.

Our Delicious Gifted Edibles

Everyone loves freebies, especially when they are edible. So, treat yourself to some delicious gifted edibles from our store like airheads xtremes that will hit you with a whoosh of cool breeze and filter off the day’s stress from your mind. We also have other treats like airhead overdose, runts gummies ether, gummies, etc. Our yummy gummies will give you a perfect blend of sweet and high that you need to stay pumping.

Our Lovely Gifted flowers

If you love scents, then you’ll love our gifted flowers. These flowers are ideal for that stress release that you need. But that’s not all; we also have a variety of scents from the gifted lemon cherry to gifted purple pops cottage; all our gifted flowers are to die for. You can take any of them home after purchasing a gift item from the Apple Dream Store. All these flowers promise to offer fresh, intoxicating, grassy scents that satisfy.

Handy Weed Accessories

Weed always hits differently when it’s well ushered with weed accessories. So why not add some needed accessories to your archive by simply purchasing a gifted item from our store? A collection of weed accessories like weed grinders for our store will be an excellent trophy to put up on your wall after purchasing a gift item. They would always come in handy for you whenever you need them. We also went all out with these accessories, especially for you, from the comical rasta man ashtray to the fancy wood grinder. You can visit our page to make your pick.

Chocolate Bars

We haven’t forgotten our chocolate lovers; you can get our almond coconut bar to take a trip to a cloud beyond cloud nine. You could also get our award-winning polkadot. All our chosen products will give you a yummy high experience if you love chocolate cannabis.

Our wide range of products from sour gummies and gifted flowers, to anything that suits your fancy, is enough to meet your needs. You could also visit the Dream Shop physically to see for yourself or simply place an order for some edibles online.

Weed Delivery In Virginia

The Virginia General Assembly decriminalized the use of marijuana in Virginia in 2020. Down to the lowest level possible, the law is in effect as Virginia advances towards full legalization. Since the marijuana laws in Virginia now permit the transfer of cannabis between adults, various brands, just like The D.C Apple Dream Shop, have risen to serve the cannabis community. Currently, there are only four medical marijuana dispensaries in Virginia though predictions state that in 2022-2023, licensed recreational dispensaries will rise.


DC Marijuana Gifting Stores

The use of recreational marijuana in the capital of the United States, Washington DC, has been made legal. So, all citizens above the age of 21 are allowed to possess and consume cannabis. In addition, stores are also allowed to gift cannabis.

Even since the D.C. Council voted against imposing the harsh penalties meant to put all marijuana “gifting” shops out of business, it cleared the tension in the air. Finally, the government realized that the i-71 shutdown was a bad idea. As a result, store owners can freely offer cannabis and CBD products as gifts to customers on their purchases. But that’s not all, and you won’t even need a medical card to enjoy this service, even if you’re from out of state.

However, even with the legalization of cannabis in our Nation’s capital, there aren’t any recreational D.C. dispensaries like those found in Denver and L.A. The reason is that when the city passed Initiative 71, the council added a rider to the federal budget. This addition has held the District from setting up recreational dispensaries in Washington DC.

Don’t think too deeply. No worries, anyone above 21 to possess and grow cannabis in D.C. All you need to do to access gift marijuana is visit any i-71 compliant shop in D.C. i-71 complaints shops are simply stores vetted and approved by the District government. There might be no licensed recreational businesses. However, the private market of marijuana gifts in D.C. still blooms to give all adults free access to weed.

Where do I Get the Best Weed in D.C?

Now that you know that gift marijuana in D.C is legal, the next hurdle you’ll have to cross is credibility. Well, you can trust any i-71 marijuana dispensary. If you need a buzzy visit to the capital, look no further than The Apple Dream Shop. One visit will be enough to convince you. Our store delivers the best gifts, products that will warm the hearts of those you love, and the best fashion items in Washington, which might leave you breathless on your first visit. Still, you’ll get used to it because we set ourselves apart from the competition. We include a twist with every purchase. To earn gifted top-shelf cannabis strains like sour diesel and purple kush from us, you only need to make a little donation. Our gifts are reasonably priced, from smoking accessories, containers, bongs, grinders, rolling papers, and other smoking products. The Apple Dream Shop is undoubtedly the best marijuana gift store in D.C.

As smokers ourselves, we know what makes a fantastic shop. So we’ve paid attention, listened, and improved our game. As a result, we’ve ensured you enjoy affordable products, unbeatable promo offers, and discreet packaging of smoke-related items. Want to see for yourself? Make a stop by our tobacco and gift shop sometime. We’ll be open any day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, except on Fridays and Saturdays when we close by 11:00 pm. Feel free to also place an order online at your convenience. We have the best delivery in D.C., don’t worry about speed. Do well to contact us soon.

Best Weed Strains in D.C.

There are two weed strains that you need to try out if you already haven’t, the Ice Cream Cake Marijuana Strain and the Lemonchello marijuana strain. Want to find out what makes them so special amongst other products?

Ice Cream Cake Strain

This indica marijuana strain is the product of a cross of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake strains. It offers a sedating feeling that will ease your mind and body. The calming effects it gives can help to ease insomnia and anxiety. But, it will also make you feel sleepy and sometimes hungry. So, it is ideal for night use when you have nothing important to do when you all have to watch T.V. and fall asleep. Ice Cream Cake has a creamy flavor with sweet hints of vanilla and an overall sugary dough.

Herb growers say it has light green and purple buds, flushed completely with icy trichomes.

Lemonchello Marijuana Strain

This strain is also called “Limoncello” and “Lemonchello 28.” This hybrid marijuana strain is well-balanced and is the product of a cross between The Original Lemonnade and Cherry Pie strains. Growers say it produces compact green and purple buds with orange hairs and a thick coat of resin. It also has an appealing flavor of lemon and cherry with crisp citrus overtones. Lemoncello most times leaves its consumers feeling mellow and very relaxed. It will lift your mood by making you giggly, happy, and talkative. You need to try it!

How to Get Weed in DC – No Medical Card

Since the passing of Initiative 71, which allows DC residents from the age of 21 and over to possess and use small amounts of cannabis, different recreational dispensaries have sprung about the city. With this access, you can get weed in DC when you walk into a licensed store or order online for your weed accessories.

The problem with this access is knowing what shop offers excellent quality on all their products. However, your worries are laid to rest, with Apple Dream Shop being one of the few that believes you should have no hassle getting your high with the right cannabis tools and tobacco strains.


Celebrating April 20 – Weed Day

April 20. Seems like a regular day, doesn’t it? Well, it is. That is unless you know a thing or two about cannabis, perhaps even indulge in it. Those who understand its significance will often call it 420. They would also know it’s not pronounced as four hundred and twenty but as “four-twenty.”